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Hi, I’m Tessa

Hi, I'm Tessa. I am a wife, a mother and a business owner who went to work to serve others. What I found was even more incredible than I had ever hoped. I discovered myself in the process. I help teams become inspired by the work they do and create an environment where all team members thrive.

What My Clients Are Saying

Brandon Town

CEO MillTown Property Group

"Tessa was an incredible presenter and made it extremely easy to understand the importance of human personalities. I know for a fact our team will be able to implement what we learned immediately into our real estate business."

Emma Rogers

CEO Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

"Our time with Tessa was great as both a team building experience and allowing us a comfortable space to work through topics that will help our team thrive as a collective, all while having fun! It was really wonderful and the team's only feedback is they wished we had more time -- which they never say!! Such a testament to Tessa! It was a team building experience that came at the perfect time."

Erin Larocque

Senior Manager ITS Bank of Canada

"Tessa brought together our department's leadership team of 36 for a 2.5 hour workshop to play the John C. Maxwell Leadership Game. Our group loves friendly competition, so right away the game format was engaging and fun. In addition, the questions were insightful and opened up great discussions. The opportunity to spotlight the strengths that others bring to the table was really valuable; several leaders commented that they rarely get the opportunity to provide recognition to their peers in a large group setting. Tessa's excellent communication skills, calm presence and sense of humor made her the perfect facilitator."

Ryan Frankland

President, ProPart Modular

"Earlier this week we at ProPart Modular were lucky enough to have Tessa visit us at our Burlington location to run a leadership development game for our full team to participate in. The entire experience from start to finish was enlightening, encouraging, and overall inspiring. Tessa managed to involve every member of the team and encouraged even the quieter members of our team to participate and get involved (which involved debates, thought-provoking games, and feedback on our peers).

After the workshop concluded, the general consensus was that we all felt more seen, valued, and acknowledged by our peers. Tessa gave us the tools and insight to see how important it is to not only work as a team, but to also encourage and acknowledge one another regularly. After all, a positive and nurturing work environment has always been important to Pro Part and we now feel that we can really make strides in this department and leave with some next steps.

Tessa was charismatic, patient, and clearly passionate about leadership. It was a pleasure to have her here with us for the day to teach us all some valuable leadership and teamwork skills in a safe, open environment.

To summarize I would strongly recommend Tessa and the John Maxwell Leadership game to any organization. The only disappointment you may have is that you didn't play long enough."

Jennifer Dunsmoor

Community Leader Bisson Dentistry

Tessa facilitated an all team meeting for our group of 23 recently. The planned, purposeful exercises were great and engaged everybody. It is so wonderful to incorporate different strategies that Tessa introduced to learn more about the team and how we can use individual strengths and build on them. Every workplace can benefit from the various leadership and DISC training Tessa provides. The power of your people and unlocking their full potential is definitely an advantage in your marketplace. It's a great investment! Thanks, Tessa.

Jennifer Dunkley

Superintendent of Education, NCDSB

The Northeastern Catholic District School Board has had the good fortune to work with Tessa on multiple occasions and we look forward to continuing our shared learning journey in the future.  We began our work with the offering of a student DISC workshop for a group of high school students during the pandemic and Tessa was exceptionally accommodating in making this program come to life.  Based on the positive feedback from both staff and students, we recently sought out Tessa’s services to work more closely with our school leadership team.  Through a full afternoon of energetic and highly engaging learning, Tessa lead our team through a deep reflection of their personal communication styles, using the DISC method as a foundational tool to support enhanced communication amongst the group.  Our staff was excited to learn more about themselves and each other, and Tessa’s mastery of group learning and adult learning styles ensured we had a very positive experience. We would highly recommend Tessa’s services to any organization who is interested in enhancing team dynamics, improving communication strategies, and learning how to connect more deeply with each other to support productive and successful working relationships.

Marissa Teeter

Senior VP IG Wealth Management

To call this experience a “game” is certainly an understatement of the remarkable impact this experience can have on a team.  Tessa did an incredible job facilitating this activity for my team of 13 seasoned Directors from across Ontario and it didn’t take long for them to be fully engaged and submerged in this incredible experience.   Tessa managed to bring a close group closer together, fuel incredibly insightful conversations, but most of all provide a very open and impactful platform for sharing and inspiration.  My directors left the workshop feeling empowered, appreciated and most importantly impactful in their work and in their role as part of our team.  Thank you to Tessa and her incredible ability to facilitate this magic.

Julie Dupont

Leadership Coach

I have experienced Tessa's brilliance and charm in two capacities: one as her mentee and one as a member of her coffee chats community. I have to say that I consider myself quite blessed to have met her. As a mentor, she is extremely knowledgeable, generous and open. Her positive energy and kind heart shine through her ability to connect well and provide value for time spent. As the highly inclusive hostess of our caring contributors group, she brings insight, inspiration and impact to each person. Tessa is great at encouraging, uplifting and invigorating me to complete important work so that I may also touch lives the way she has. Tessa's integrity and authenticity make her a real pleasure to know, and I feel truly blessed that we have crossed paths. Thank you Tessa!

Cathy Okrafka

Client Engagement Specialist to Kevin MacKay, Executive Consultant

Halfway through the course and I am already experiencing a Value Add in terms of the overall Client Experience.

I love the fact that we should strive to WOW a client a day, and the different ways we can get there.  I love the mental shift that I see within our Team already about how we approach our client base and how we can turn them into fans. I like the idea of shifting our position to where the client is seated and looking at our processes from there prospective.


I am working closely with my Marketing person, who does a phenomenal job of the monthly/quarterly email communications to improve the Social Media content and conversation.  She had not considered that social media is actual a social place rather than a place to let people know about upcoming events.  We are going to drill down today to review where are clients hangout and how do the communicate on Social. 


I think that this has been a worthwhile experience as it relates to my role in our Team, even though I am not a business owner I do have a responsibility to create the client engagement.  I think that any team that is looking to either grow their Fan base, client base and increase revenue should consider this a worth while investment in their team.  I think that everyone in the Team should attend – starting at reception, admin team and the owner of the company as each person plays a vital role in creating the WOW for the new client.

Doris Fiander

3Silhouettes First Aid Training

The FOR training with Tessa exceeded my expectations by the end of the very first session!   This training over-delivered with brand new strategies to reach the consumer of today in any industry.  I saw results in my business in less than a month when I started implementing the techniques.  Tessa’s expert insights and skilled leadership had me expanding my perspective in a forward thinking way.  A fresh social media marketing approach that puts the customer first and has them eagerly becoming your brand champion. Brilliant, unique and yet so simple.  Thank you so much, Tessa!

Joseph Lake

CEO / Directeur Général at Canadian Food Innovation Network

Really a big thanks to you. It was fantastic today. Really a highlight training for me. The team was engaged all around and it was a perfect starting activity for us. You are good at what you do.

Flora B

Mom, Son participated in DISCover Your Superpower training

Thank you so much for providing this workshop, Benny LOVED it! He loved you and said it was very beneficial to him. It takes a lot for him to be able to sit there and focus for two hours so I wasn’t sure if he’s actually gonna give me a positive feedback about the workshop, but he LOVED it and he’s been in such an awesome mood all night. ❤️

"Teamwork is birthed when you concentrate on WE instead of ME." John C Maxwell

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