It's Time to Lead the Way!

As a community and as a world, we have experienced many challenges in the last year and we have also overcome more than we ever thought we could. Now more than ever, we need to shift from being optimistic to being filled with hope. And that is what this event is all about.

 It's time to recharge, regain your passion, be inspired, shift your mindset and most importantly, lead for hope. Hope for better communities, hope for better leadership and hope for a better future.

Join us as we hear from international speakers who are ready to add value to you, help you think differently and help improve your outlook on what leading the way really means for today's leader. As the world changes around us, our businesses and our leadership must also change and grow - and we believe that starts with you. 

With so many of us missing out on real live connections, we have an experience that can change that. We are bringing you all the things you love about an in-person conference directly to your home office or living room. And the best part is, 100% of all proceeds are going to support Hope House - a wonderful charity focused on supporting those in need, especially during these unusual times. 

Are you ready to join us? What the world needs most now is more positive leaders just like you, ready to make an impact!

What the world needs most right now is more positive leaders just like you!! 

100% of the proceeds go directly to HOPE House!

HOPE House is a highly respected poverty relief charity in Guelph, On. From unique food and clothing markets to innovative programs, their approach helps people move towards an independent future with HOPE and dignity. We have selected this charity because it is like so many others in communities all over the world, doing their best to support those who need it most.

Throughout COVID-19, HOPE House responded quickly to provide urgent food relief and other essential programming. And as our community recovers together, their work has become more vital than ever. They rely 100 per cent on donations from our community.

Earlier this year, they purchased their downtown building, giving them a permanent home and place for people to find the help they need. The SUSTAIN HOPE campaign will allow HOPE House to pay off and update the building, and direct as much of their budget as
possible to serving the community.

With a permanent home, HOPE House can also confidently explore new and innovative programming to continue helping people not just to cope, but to thrive and discover the opportunity and purpose that awaits them.

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Thank you for helping us help them!

What to Expect

Leading the Way for Hope Conference, is brought to you by a group of Speakers, Trainers and Coaches that believe in adding value to people of value. Expect to be inspired, motivated, to be challenged to think and act differently. Expect to show up ready to connect, grow and learn how to become all you need to be for those most important in your life. Our goal to help you find enough courage and strength to keep showing up, even when things are tough.


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Portraits for The John Maxwell Co. staff and facilitators, as well as coverage of some speakers during the Partner Forum on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta. Photo by Kevin D. Liles/

Mark Cole| PRESIDENT & CEO  

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and team development, no one is better positioned than Mark Cole to champion the brand and secure the legacy of John Maxwell. An intentional and passionate student of growth and leadership, Mark lives to inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential. His journey with John began with INJOY and INJOY Stewardship Services, where his servant’s heart and strategic mind became crucial assets.

In 2011, Mark was called as CEO of all of John Maxwell’s enterprises and for nine years he faithfully served as John’s right hand, leading the various organizations. In 2020, Mark became the president and CEO of the John Maxwell Enterprise, a consolidated organization with a single operational footprint but with the continued mandate to executed John’s vision to add value to leaders who multiply value to others. With extensive knowledge of organizations in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, Mark brings a capacity for vision and execution to every opportunity. Additionally, in 2008, Mark launched his consulting firm The IRON League to provide leadership advice to high-achieving organizations.

Mark and his incredible wife, Stephanie, have two daughters, Tori and Maci, as well as three handsome grandsons, Ryder, Robert and Emery. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia.



Jenna joined the John Maxwell Team in 2017 with the mission to facilitate growth in the lives of others.

She coaches, individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations in Leadership Development, Growth & Resilience, and Effective Communications.

Jenna works with clients virtually and in person to equip them with tools, training and strategies to uncover and identify opportunities for growth and create new results in their lives and their organizations.

As a DISC Certified Trainer, Jenna helps people leverage awareness of behavioral styles of themselves and others to strengthen connection, collaboration, and communication in every area of their lives at home, at work and in the community.

Prior to becoming certified with the John Maxwell Team, Jenna spent 20 years working in the advertising and marketing industries developing relationship, content, and engagement strategies both online and offline.

She combines her passion and expertise in growth facilitation with her extensive marketing background and provides Thinking Partner sessions that spark creativity and outside of the box thinking, to help her clients reach new levels of achievement within themselves and within their businesses.

Jenna is a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, a DISC certified Trainer and a Licensed teacher through the Empowered Living Community.

Jenna serves on the Board for TriCounty Community Network (TCN), the Philadelphia American Marketing Association, as well as Trellis for Tomorrow.  She is an Ambassador for TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce, she Leads the Empowered Living Community Connection Pillar, and is a charter member of the WomenWillpower organization. Jenna serves on the President’s Advisory Council for the John Maxwell Team.

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Facebook: @JennaArmato



Steven Garner serves as Marketing Director and Executive Coach for DeanHouston. He thoughtfully leads the planning and execution of marketing strategy and branding for global business-to-business companies. Steven’s professional experience includes work as an Art Director, Account Director, Account Manager, Senior Designer, Illustrator, Coach, Speaker and Trainer in the advertising agency and corporate environments.

Steven’s creative portfolio demonstrates his design and management skills, publishing of a wide array of artwork, ranging from posters for Warner Brothers and John Lennon, to global brands including Toyota, Sara Lee, Champion International, Dover Corporation and OPW.

Steven holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of  Phoenix. And he graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine  Arts in Communication Design. He holds a leadership certification in Coaching, Speaking  and Training from the John Maxwell International Company.

When he is not serving clients or leading his team at work, Steven volunteers at City  Hall, local jails, halfway houses, and state prisons as a spiritual leader with various faith based organizations. He teaches life-skills to incarcerated individuals and re-entry  classes to ex-offenders. While many choose to condemn, Steven opts to counsel  convicts and ex-cons on how to live a high standard of morals and be productive  citizens. He partners with local law enforcement and community action agencies in hopes of helping to reduce crime and recidivism.

Steven is passionate about actively helping people live a great life. His love for others  fuels his drive to be a catalyst of encouragement through motivational speeches and  mindset coaching.

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Michael J. Pope, Jr. is a Personal Development Expert, Certified & licensed by the John Maxwell team to bring you proven leadership and personal growth strategies and practices on behalf of John Maxwell. After several years of Leading, Training, and Speaking, he received the Toastmaster of the Year award for his district of over 2,000 Toastmasters. In 2020, Michael was recognized as one of three Volunteers of the Year for training and leading in his company of over 48,000 employees.

After a year of adding value and training others, Michael was the recipient of the John Maxwell Cultural Award "Exceeds Expectations" in 2021. He is an excellent trainer and is currently a member of the faculty for the John Maxwell Team.  Michael offers workshops, keynote speaking, and training that will aid in your personal and professional growth through the study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Michael’s goal is to add value to you and to help you and/or your team or organization move in the desired direction to reach your goals.

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Jeremy Gray is the Principal Consultant of Noble Consulting and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team. He loves to tell visionary stories, where energy, humor, and a way forward are combined to leave you smiling, shaking your head, and steps for the future.

Jeremy spent over 22 years in the United States Army developing strategic leaders in the manufacturing and supply chain management fields and has owned his own management consultancy firm for approximately 5 years. He is a trained behaviorist who combines leadership development, organizational behavior management, performance management to implement an organization's solutions to achieve its best results.

He currently holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, is a certified DISC consultant, and a certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.

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Dr. Tanika L. Henry is the founder and CEO of Growth Works Rx, a personal growth and leadership development firm that specializes in cultivating professional women to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. 

Deemed a natural leader since she was a child, Tanika is also known for being humble, an encourager and optimist, with an incredible listening ear. She values her ability to build great relationships and connect with people from all walks of life. She is skilled in being able to unite a group of people around a shared goal and produce an outcome where everyone’s voice is heard. 

Tanika built her career as an educator, holding the positions of teacher, school counselor, and assistant principal. Leadership and mentorship have played a pivotal role in Tanika’s career. It is with these two principles that Growth Works Rx is founded upon. In every professional position she’s held, she has mentored others along the way. 

You can find Tanika spending quality time with her parents and sister, jet setting to different countries, and dancing up a storm, all while facilitating growth groups, working with private clients, and leading educators in their quest to provide a quality education and learning experiences to their students.

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Alice Givens is an entrepreneur, real estate tycoon, business leader and power broker.  

In 1994, Alice began working for Carlstedt’s Wholesale florist as a delivery driver. Today, she owns the company which serves as the largest operation of floral distribution centers in the southeastern U.S. 

While building her business, Alice built her “Dream Team” of 150 employees who are dedicated to sharing the beauty of flowers with the world by always going the extra mile and delivering superior customer service. 

Alice has traveled the world to cultivate the highest quality products, partners, and vendors to build her Wholesale floral business. 

In 2015, Alice became a Speaker, Coach and Trainer, certified through the John Maxwell Team. 

She delivers Entrepreneurial and Leadership Coaching designed to facilitate massive GROWTH in people’s lives, in their businesses, and within their teams. As a DISC certified Trainer, Alice brings the value of behavioral awareness to increase personal effectiveness and maximize team collaboration. 

Alice has inspired audiences ranging from 30 to 3,000 people, and has had the honor and privilege of introducing John C. Maxwell, leadership expert, live on stage!

She was recently featured on the Balancing Act, a morning TV show hosted by Montel Williams. 

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FB: @AliceLindsayGivens 





Dr. Stephen Crawford excels at business through leadership excellence; understanding that leadership is a process of making sound decisions, cultivating people, and nurturing their environment. He understands the need for business owners to create a vision and build a culture that inspires and engages others to get results. 

Stephen knows the power of engagement, which is why he keeps his presentations engaging and thought-provoking. He crafts them with your goal in mind, while being educational, motivational, and entertaining.

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Tessa is a John Maxwell Trainer, speaker and coach inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to think bigger and reach for their potential. After spending 8 years working solely with female entrepreneurs, empowering them to grow their business, Tessa developed a passion for leadership and personal growth which led her to become certified with The John Maxwell Team.

With her years of experience teaching and leading others in business, Tessa helps teams, organizations, and individuals improve their leadership, communication, and growth to equip them to outlast their competition.

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Agenda 9am-3pm EST

9:00-9:20 – Mystery Networking

9:20 – Conference kick-off with Jaya James and Marissa Teeter

9:45 – Steven L. Garner

10:15 – Alice Lindsay Givens

10:45 - Michael J Pope

11:15-11:30 – Mystery Networking & Break

11:30 – Tanika L. Henry

12:00 – Stephen Crawford

12:30 – Jenna Armato

1:00-1:25 – Lunch Break, Mystery Networking

1:25 – Jeremy Gray

1:55 – Mark Cole

2:25 – Close, Networking will stay open until 3pm!


Thank you to all our sponsors who make it possible for us to donate 100% of the proceeds by covering all costs of this event! We could not do this event without you.


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All Access Pass to full day including networking, break out sessions and exhibitors

Special gift - A copy of John Maxwell's new book, Change Your World

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