Some people are driven by money, power or status, but I am driven by serving. After many years of going to work to serve others, I discovered myself in the process. I have always been a highly relational person and so I took my gift of connecting, communicating and leading to the next level and created my dream job - equipping teams to create spaces where people are understood.

I believe our greatest fear is being misunderstood and unfortunately we tend to lead with judgement more often than with understanding. I've discovered through working with teams that the key to effective team work is by leading with understanding. When we take the time to understand the human in front of us and not simply the worker, we learn to release guilt and judgement on one another and are able to show up authentically as we are and bring our best self to the table.


People just like you, looking to understand themselves and others around them.

Teams and Organizations dedicated to adding value to those they lead.

Empowered leaders, empowering leaders.

My passion for helping others discover more for themselves and their team.

Helping others discover their unique strengths and use them to their advantage. As a DISC Consultant it is my job to help you maximize those.

Our future generation of leaders. I believe our youth are our future and I want to help them see the incredible humans they are.

For the past 10 years, I have been on a mission to create a world where people are understood.

I believe that we are all created with unique gifts and strengths and we owe it to ourselves to discover what those are so we can leverage them. Too many people are feeling drained by their work and not feeling fulfilled by what they do and I want to change that. With engagement at an all time low, understanding what brings you joy and how to bring more of that into your life and work is key.

With years of experience in personal and leadership development, and a fascination in human behavior, I am confident that together we can help you and your team grow to the next level.  My ability to connect and relate with my clients has allowed me to build strong relationships and trust with those I serve. Trained with the largest leadership team in the world has it's privileges, both for me and you!

My Mission

To create a world where people are understood. Understood in the strengths, limitations, communication style and more!

Key Characteristics

  • COMMITTED: To serve and deliver the best leadership training programs to schools, youth, individuals, teams and organizations. I believe that everyone has the ability to raise their leadership lid and I want to offer training programs to help you and your team do just that.

  • TRUSTWORTHY: I am dedicated to living out good values and ethics. I will operate with transparency, honesty and respect in all situations.

  • POSITIVE: I believe obstacles are meant to be overcome and I am inspired by hope for the future.

Most organizations spend millions on leadership development and never see change.

I want to change that.

82% of leaders feel as though we have a leadership crisis and less than 20% of managers feel equipped with the tools and resources to lead others. This leadership gap costs organizations billions of dollars. I want to help you change that with my experiential model of teaching. My goal is to deliver transformation, not information to you and your team.

Are you ready to take your team performance to a whole new level? If so, let's connect.




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