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You know as well as anyone that there’s a TON of content out there, and probably some of it is similar to the content you’re creating and trying to share…so how do you make yourself stand out? I think a good place to start is by finding your “niche market,” otherwise known as your “target audience.” Do you know who yours is?

Even the smallest businesses can succeed and effectively compete against large companies if they have a well-researched audience base and a strategy to target them through content and advertising. The biggest hurdle you need to overcome in order to understand target marketing is that you CANNOT be general in whom you want to target. In other words, when asked, “Who is this product or service for?” your answer cannot be, “Everyone!”

This is the answer many new business owners and entrepreneurs have when they first begin, but this is a rookie mistake, and these people quickly learn that this audience of “everyone” is truly not realistic.

Why not? Because in order to effectively market yourself, you must know where your audience is already looking. You must grasp WHY they care about something in order to create content that resonates with and speaks to them. In order to succeed with marketing your product or service in the current economy, you MUST be specific and you MUST do some strategizing. Of course, you can have more than one niche/target market, but the more specific you can be, the better. When I took Seth Godin’s course in April of 2020, he refers to this as your “Smallest Viable Audience.”

There are several steps you have to take in order to identify your niche market. In layman’s terms, you must get into their head.

Some strategies to help you achieve this include:

Make a Wishlist

In marketing, this is called creating a “customer avatar.” You’re trying to figure out with whom do you want to do business with. Be as specific as you can and identify EVERYTHING you can about the type of (hypothetical) person you want your business to attract. This should be fun! Come up with their age range, gender, location, fears, values, education levels, or anything else you think is important.

For a template, check this out:

Check Out Your Competition

As I mentioned before, there’s likely at least one other person out there trying to do what YOU’RE trying to do. Find them. See what they’re succeeding with, and what they’re lacking. Learn from it.

Evaluate Your Decision

Walk away from your research, perhaps take the night to sleep on it, then return and take a second look. Ask yourself these questions:
– Are there enough people who fit my criteria?
– Will it be easy to sell my product/service to this target, or will they need convincing?
– Do I understand what drives my target to make decisions, or do I need to do more research?
– Can my target audience afford my product/service?
– How accessible is it for me to reach this target?

I promise, if you take the time to discover who your small viable audience is, you will find that you start attracting exactly who WANTS to do business with you. Know them so well that they know you are speaking to them! If you have any questions about this, reach out any time!

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