DISCover The 4 Buying and Selling Styles


Connect Through Your Selling Style

Ever wonder why you lost that customer? What if had nothing to do with what you said, but more about how you said it. In this highly interactive session, you and your team will discover the 4 selling behaviors and the 4 buying styles to help you improve your results.

Each one of us are motivated to buy for different reasons and each of us use communication to sell that resonates with us but not necessarily the person on the receiving end of your communication. Studies show the cost of poor communication has hit an overwhelming loss in sales and productivity by nearly 47% than those who learn how to communicate effectively.

Speaking in the preferred language of the person you are communicating with, choosing the right communication approach and understanding your own style and how to modify is key to effective selling.

In this half day workshop, you and your team will complete your DISC assessment profiles, learn about the different styles and understand your selling style and that of your buyers so you can improve your effectiveness in closing sales.