DISCover Your Impact

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Equipping Individuals and Teams with The Maxwell Method Reports and Workshops

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results?

The Law of Intentionality, taught by John Maxwell, states that "growth doesn't just happen. You must be intentional about your growth." That growth also includes growing your strength zone.

DISCover Your Strengths is an opportunity for you as an individual or for you as a team to discover your strengths and how to leverage those, discover your communication style and how to improve interactions with others, and so much more. This isn't just DISC, this is the Maxwell Method of DISC providing you with an opportunity to enhance your sales impact, leadership impact, communication impact and more!

Learn about all the different Impact reports and Workshops we have to offer you and your team.


  • Benchmark/Interview Report: This report allows an organization to set the standard they want in an employee in the area of their strength, communication, thinking style and more!
  • Sales Impact/Sales Leadership Impact Report: Identifies the Sales Manager/Leader’s style and identifies for them the best way to motivate, incentivize and lead the individuals on their sales team.
  • Communication Impact Report: This assessment identifies the participant’s communication style, their workplace characteristics and the ways they influence results.
  • Growth Impact Report: This assessment identifies the participants ability to grow and impact their world.
  • College/Career Impact Report: This report adds tremendous value to High School Students/College students considering career paths as well as early career professionals. It provides an overview of the participant’s workplace style, and a list of career paths that would be a good match for their strengths!
  • Entrepreneur Impact Report: This assessment gives the participant insight into their best working environment, their communication and work style, their leadership strengths and their selling strengths and challenges
  • Team Impact Executive Report: This report provides the leader with critical information to leverage the best in their team so they can lead them to increased results.


Sales Impact Workshop: Sales requires influence and in this workshop your sales team will be positioned for increasing sale by learning how to leverage a prospects’ buying style.

Communication Impact Workshop: Once team members learn about their communication style and how to recognize
and work with the styles of others, they increase their ability to deliver great
results. In this workshop participants will discover their communication style, how it
shows up in the workplace and how they can discover and leverage the communication style of their teammates.

Collaboration Impact Workshop: Creating and sustaining high performance collaboration requires an intentional approach and a clear understanding of the foundation of high
performance collaboration and how we can bring our best to the team. This workshop will provide the path for you and your team to discover your current level of collaboration, the barriers they may need to break through and the building blocks to improve your teams
collaboration, and impact.