Communication Training and Impact Reports

Everyone communicates, few connect and that is what makes communication so difficult. We often think it is taking place when in reality it is one sided. Effective communication happens when we communicate in the listeners voice. Our Maxwell Impact reports are the key to effective communication, understanding and leveraging your teams and your students strengths.

Team Building Workshops

Building an effective team amongst your schools staff is easier than you think. Our team building workshops are fun and engaging and have the power to transform individuals into an unstoppable team. We all know, it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Trust and Values Workshops

Values are unseen and we can often step on team members or students values without even realizing it. This workshop engages team in trust exercises and values exercises so we can understand and appreciate one another without violating one another unknowingly.

The Leadership Game Experience

Don't let the word "game" fool you into thinking this is just some silly game. The Leadership Game is one of the most requested team building programs we offer and it has the ability to uncover your leadership culture, discover problems within the current organization and bring your team together. This is a game changer and fun way to have conversations around strategy, leadership and more. With 3 options to choose from, you will turn un ordinary meeting into an extraordinary experience!

Leadership Workshops

Leaders know the best investment one can make is investing in themselves. In order to be the best leader for an organization, we must develop our leadership capabilities. We offer several trainings/workshop to helps leaders lead well.



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