We all know how important goal setting is and if you google “goal setting” you will find several tips and tricks on how to do so. Some will tell you to follow the S.M.A.R.T System. While others will tell you to write out a massive “To-Do” list and just get it done. And others will tell you to “Eat the Frog”. These are all great advice, however, I like to take it a step further. Instead of simply showing you a few ways that help you set goals, I want to show you how to achieve them as well! I believe it starts with knowing your purpose in several key areas and then filtering all your decisions through that lens

Its more than just Business

Before you set any business goals, you need to look at your whole life and determine what you want your life to look like. Our businesses are just one piece of the puzzle – we are not made to run businesses and have our lives fit into that, but live a fulfilled life that our business fits into. The first step to any goal setting program should include taking a look at 5 key areas in your life and determining what you want and how your business serves those areas. Answer the following questions so you have a clear picture of where your business needs to go in order to fulfill the following:

1. Financial

How much money do you need to live comfortably and do all the things you want to do in your life? Are you planning any special vacations or renovations to your home? Do you want to start saving for retirement or have plans to expand your business? Determine what you want to do with the money you make before thinking you need to make a certain number in your business. This allows you to see how far you want to grow your business and what is a realistic number for you. It also allows you to see where you are and where you want to go and see just how big or small that gap is.

2. Health and Fitness

If your health is suffering, so will other areas of your life, including your business. Our bodies provide energy for us to keep going. Are you planning to join a gym, do a race or eat healthier? Does your physical body need improvement? Getting your body in optimal health will have a direct impact on how well you perform and execute in your business and keep you in the game longer.

3. Personal Development

Working on YOU is the best investment you can make. My mentor John says,

“when we focus on goals, we may reach them. When we focus on growth, we reach them every time.”

I couldn’t agree more. Working on your personal growth and setting goals for how you plan to grow will help you in your goal achieving process more than any other skill.

4. Fun, Relationship, Social

As adults, we tend to be all work and no play. Its time to change that. Who do you need to spend more time with? What adventures do you want to experience? What relationships need nurturing? There is no point building a business and becoming successful if you cannot share your life with anyone.

5. Contribution

We are not simply running businesses to make money, and if that is the driving force to your business, you will soon discover that you won’t be happy. We run businesses to change lives, the lives of others and the lives of those within our community! These may be the most inspiring and impactful goals you set. How do you plan to serve your community and clients?

6. Business

Start by creating a vision for your business. Where do you ultimately see yourself going with this business? Once you have that, create your plan and set goals in priority sequence.

Know your WHY and connect emotionally with that

Writing out the above without knowing WHY you want all those things won’t do you any good. There must be a heart connection to everything you write down. Be sure you then go over everything you wrote out for all the areas and write out why that matters to you. For Example: If in the financial portion you put that you want to pay off a certain debt by the end of the year, determine what that would mean for your family if you had that paid off? How would that feel to no longer have that debt? What could you do now that you are not paying X a month towards it.

You must connect with your goals and FEEL it inside or you won’t achieve it. The feeling is what makes us work hard to achieve it.

“Feel it to Achieve it”

Break it down and Set Deadlines

Once you know what your goals are for the year, here is where most people fall short. They don’t break their goals down into smaller chunks or set a plan in motion. Take your annual goals and break them down to what you want to achieve in 90 days. Prioritize what should be focused on first quarter, second and so on. Then break that even further into weekly goals with daily tasks. You will see by working this way, that you achieve more in less time. And be sure you have deadlines for when you plan to achieve all of the above.

Review and Redo

When was the last time you wrote out a business plan or goals, went to work on them and next thing you know, the year is over and you have not reflected on any of it! That is a big mistake so many entrepreneurs make, they don’t spend time reflecting on their plan and evaluating their actions. Sometimes we need to adjust, learn a new skill or take a new route to lead us to where we want to go! Be sure that you are taking time to review and redo. This has been one of the reasons why I am so focused and know exactly what needs to be done in my business and when it needs to be done.

Believe you can do it!

When going after your goals and dreams, you need to believe you will achieve it. I believe you will, but do you? Once you fill all the above out, now you must live like you have a will achieve all of it. Be consistent, do something each day moving you closer to your goals and never give up.

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