Grow, Lead, Succeed | 12-Week Personal Growth and Development Journey


Your Journey Has Just Begun

If you are like me, then I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...

I know you're passionate about the work you do, and you are a growth-minded entrepreneur who dreams of becoming the absolute best version of yourself. You know deep down; you are made for more. You know you can achieve more you can serve more, and you are capable of more. I know 3 years ago, this was my running script. I can't help it it is in my DNA and I bet it is in yours as well.

Tell me if this sounds like you. Currently, you're focused on building a successful business with purpose and passion, right? So, let me ask you a question...

Would you be ecstatic if you could discover the formula for guaranteed personal growth and success, develop the confidence to actively pursue your goals, and belief that you can overcome any obstacles on the way to making your dreams a reality?

Because if you could do those things, ultimately, that would mean you could become the type of person who is capable of reaching any goal you can conceive. You could also live with unshakable confidence in your ability to face anything life throws your way! (Which would be amazing right?!!)

But, unfortunately, most people are like I was and if you are like most people, you may have encountered roadblocks, including figuring out how to:

  • Identify exactly what's holding you back from reaching your goals right now
  • Determine the best way for you personally to reach your goals in all areas of life and
  • Develop the consistency and motivation to make it through to your goals
  • Feeling stuck and not sure why

Sound familiar? Please tell me I am not the only one that thought these things.

Another thing...

I was so frustrated by the fact that I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t seem to get it! The goals I pursued in the past did not turn out the way I expected, and I was tired of watching others succeed who were not any smarter or more talented than me. Does this also sound like you?

Do you ask yourself these questions about how to move forward?

  • Are the goals I'm pursuing goals I can even achieve?
  • Am I even capable of goals and dreams that big?
  • Do I have what it takes or am I just a "positive thinker" with no real chance of achieving them?

These questions were causing an internal battle in me, and I wonder if they are causing the same limiting battle in you?

One last question...

Do you ever find yourself thinking "You've never done this before, so how can you expect to do it now." or "Other people are better, more talented, or gifted than you are." or "You're going to make mistakes and not be able to recover from them."?

I know I did! I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once and it stinks!

When all is said and done, my guess is you just want to become more so you can achieve more, consistently reach the goals you set for yourself and live up to your potential and do something you absolutely love and make money doing it. Yes?

If this sounds at all like you, I invite you to join me on a 12 week growth journey so you can become the person you were created to be (without doubting yourself like most people do).

If you want to intentionally develop the best version of yourself, get clear on exactly what you want from life, and put your personal growth plan into action in as little as the first lesson, then these 12-weeks are definitely for you.

Program Features

  • Identify your goals and dreams and what is getting in the way of achieving those. We will kickstart this journey with a 4 hour Masterclass in goal achievement.
  • 12 weekly coaching sessions designed to help you grow beyond your wildest dreams covering topics such as: awareness, intentionality, consistency, reflection, character, strategies, trade-Offs, and more!
  • 2 1:1 Strategy Sessions
  • DISC Assessment and Debrief to help you identify your strengths and motivational factors
  • 20 Day Income producing challenge

Program Outcomes

  • Clarity on your goals, dreams, abilities and purpose
  • Break free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Develop the strategies, consistency and motivation to help you reach your potential
  • Realization that you are capable of pursuing your goals
  • Increased personal growth and awareness on your potential
  • Increased results!

Value: $7750

YOUR INVESTMENT: $2222 + HST (introduction price)

Limited Space

Each Session takes place on Wednesday's between 12-1pm EST. All Sessions are recorded and available for replay.