When I was starting The Inspired Academy, I had a head full of ideas but how it was all going to fit together seemed impossible to me. As a result, I kept doubting myself. Considering I had only ever led a few workshops, why would anyone want to work with me?

Starting to lose hope.

As you can imagine, I was beginning to lose belief in my capabilities as a leader. Additionally, life and its challenges kept creeping up. Above all, I was focusing too much on yesterday and I was allowing it to steal my joy and hope! And I don’t know about you, but when it comes to losses – the loss of hope is one loss we cannot afford as we build our businesses and brands.

“Hope looks for the lesson in defeat instead of just leaving you feeling defeated.”

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you learn

Hope is a difference maker.

As you can imagine, I was not ready to lose hope and so I used this weapon as an asset to motivate me to focus on what I had to do and just get it done. This is the beauty of hope – we all have the ability to cultivate it no matter what circumstances or situations we may find ourselves in. Here are 3 simple things we can do:

  1. Realize That Hope Is a Choice

There were times where I did not get a new client or meet a prospect for months when I was first starting out. However, each day I committed to bringing my best self forward and continuing the work I started, even if no one was noticing. So I used this time to motivate myself to learn more and become better so I could serve better. I choose to have hope and that hope has paid off.

  • 2. Change Your Thinking

What we focus on expands and that means we get what we expect at times. If we fear the worst, we invite that into our lives. If you’re constantly negative about life, you will experience a lot of negativity. Furthermore, that negativity can compound, which can stop you from learning all together. And if we continue with that mindset, we lose hope and give up. By simply believing that good things can and will happen to you, you will renew your hope and can literally change your life.

  • 3. Win Some Small Victories

Nothing bring on hope like success and this is why I get my clients to celebrate all successes, no matter how small. If you can win at small things, you can win at big things too. Every win raises your awareness as to how winning works, therefore making you want to go for more wins. As a result, this compounds into big wins.

Hope regards problems, small or large, as opportunities.

In the end, I never lost hope in my vision. In fact, I believe I have a calling to serve other people in a way that only I can. I believe the same is true for you as well! If painful experiences or failures are holding you back, use hope to motivate you. Always see that a setback is only a skipping stone. You have gifts that only you can bring to the world and it is time to show the world what you’ve got.

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