Not Your Typical Conference.

Life and business are hard, especially now after what we've been experiencing for the last 7 months. I want to help you with this. It's time to recharge, regain your passion, be inspired and shift your mindset.

Join us for 1.5 days of international speakers who are ready to add value to you, help you think differently and help improve your outlook on what can look like an uncertain future. As the world changes around us, our businesses must thrive and grow - and we believe that starts with working on ourselves. 

With so many of us missing out on real live connections, we have an experience that can change that. We are bringing you all the things you love about an in person conference directly to your home office or living room. 

Are you ready to join us?

What the world needs most right now is more positive leaders just like you!! 


Everyone who registers for Regular Admission Tickets will receive the following bonuses:

Tessa's 90 Day Focus Program with access to Tessa's First of the Month Support Sessions ($795 Value)

90 Day Focus Goal Journal ($49 Value)

Surprise Gift Box ($40 Value)

Door Prizes include:

EQI 2.0 Assessment and Debrief Session with Al Ruttan ($290 Value)

3 1 hour Coaching Sessions with Karen Fasulo ($300 Value)

1 of 10 Goal Setting Coaching Session with Rhonda ($150 Value)

$10 from each ticket sold goes directly to HOPE House!

HOPE House is a highly respected poverty relief charity in Guelph, On. From unique food and clothing markets to innovative programs, their approach helps people move towards an independent future with HOPE and dignity.

Throughout COVID-19, HOPE House responded quickly to provide urgent food relief and other essential programming. And as our community recovers together, their work has become more vital than ever. They rely 100 per cent on donations from our community.

Earlier this year, they purchased their downtown building, giving them a permanent home and place for people to find the help they need. The SUSTAIN HOPE campaign will allow HOPE House to pay off and update the building, and direct as much of their budget as
possible to serving the community.

With a permanent home, HOPE House can also confidently explore new and innovative programming to continue helping people not just to cope, but to thrive and discover the opportunity and purpose that awaits them.

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Thank you for helping us help them!

What to Expect

Inspired to Inspire Conference, is brought to you by a group of Speakers, Trainers and Coaches that believe in adding value to people of value. Expect to be inspired, motivated, to be challenged to think and act differently. Expect to show up ready to connect, grow and learn how to become all you need to be for those most important in your life. Our goal to help you find enough courage and strength to keep showing up, even when things are tough.

Can't make the live event?

No worries! You can grab a replay ticket and watch when it is convenient for you!

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Second Round March 2022




Kay & Shi

When Kay and Shila were 10 and 17, their parents quit their careers and “bet it all” to buy a tiny breakfast restaurant in a California ski town. These sisters instantly gained a front row seat to the drama of American entrepreneurship, all while bussing tables and working the new family business on the daily. As they became adults, they joined the ownership and helped grow the business into a national brand featured on Food Network and in the New York Times. With Mom and Dad now retired, Kay and Shila lead the business as it serves millions of guests across multiple states each year. Often recognized for their unique marketing strategies and dedication to development Kay and Shila find that their love for each other fuels their drive and success.

Since 2015 Kay and Shila have shared their stories and strategies as speakers and podcasts hosts, and as the marketing faculty for leadership expert and bestselling author John Maxwell’s global team of speakers, coaches and trainers. They love to serve delightful experiences with results-oriented focus and simple, actionable takeaways. Kay and Shila now channel their learnings into their daily 5 minute podcast and blog: The Mentorship Quest and add value daily through their social channels.

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Lorna Weston-Smyth

Lorna Weston-Smyth is an Executive Coach and trainer who brings her years as a serial entrepreneur to businesses and professionals to help them grow to the next level. She has worked with business owners and career professionals to significantly improve their productivity, enhance their decision-making abilities, get results and reduce their frustration.

She has guided new and veteran leaders to pursue and realize their dream, helping them create real action plans, identify their blind spots and clarify their next step while providing an accountability system through coaching and mentoring.

Lorna is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a founding member of the Maxwell Coaching and Training Certification Program. She is a Faculty member of the John Maxwell Team, training members all around the globe on how to building their business. She serves on the Executive Committee of the President’s Advisory Council for the John Maxwell Team and past president of the board for the Durham Workforce Authority.

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Chris Robinson

Chris is the founder of R3 Coaching, a company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their personal and business growth goals through speaking, group training and one-on-one coaching. Chris is an international speaker who has enthralled crowds as large as 4500 and trains small groups inside of companies weekly. Chris has dedicated his life to enhancing others by speaking and teaching on leadership and personal and professional development.

Chris found his leadership beginnings as a sales representative who quickly advanced 3 positions in 5 years to a Senior Sales Manager for the largest vehicle service by understanding the strengths and overcoming the weak areas of business early on. Chris helped grow the company from 18 employees to over 700. After experiencing this tremendous growth and recognizing his own desire and ability to encourage, inspire, and communicate life-altering success principles to others, he launched R3 Coaching. 

Chris was recognized as "one of the top 100 people to help you in business in St. Louis".

He recently won Small Business of the Year from the Missouri Small Business Administration. 

Chris is a founding partner the John Maxwell Team and as the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Maxwell Entrepreneur Solutions, he a product of the product leading a global team of over 30,000 speakers, coaches, and trainers.

More importantly he is the father of 11 year old triplets, a 7 year old and 4 year old twin girls.

Chris has the ability to assess a situation, recognize the problem, and lay a solid, workable plan of action that empowers the business or individual involved. Whether it is a global team, a new business without clear direction, or an individual looking to climb the corporate ladder, he will get you where you want to go!        

Chris's training will enrich your attitude, rekindle your determination to succeed, and expand your self-confidence. You'll come away empowered, centered, and focused on your determined goals.


Karen Fasulo

Karen Fasulo, an award-winning cake decorator, baker and Business Strategist who uses her experience and expertise in business to support other entrepreneurs.  Karen’s greatest strength is guiding businesses of all sizes to get organized and on the right track to further success.

Karen is committed to growing her knowledge in this fast-paced world.  Most recently, she has achieved her Certificate in Business Analysis, Certified Maxwell Method DISC Trainer and is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

Karen is excited to share her story with you here today.

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Rhonda Fairweather

Rhonda Fairweather is a global operations executive with 15 years of experience coaching and leading teams in Canada, Europe, India, and the United States. She focuses on helping people discover, express and holds true to their values at work and in their community.

As a leadership coach, speaker, and mentor, Rhonda shares her philosophies of communicating to create connections, leading with bravery, determination and the power of persuasion.

Rhonda has collaborated with Canadian HR Reporter, the Federated Press, Society for Human Resource Management, and the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. Rhonda graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, obtained Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from Villanova University and is a member of the HRPA of Ontario.

She has also been a member of the John Maxwell Team since December of 2018. She currently splits her time between Ontario, Canada, and Colchester, UK; leading teams on the ground in both locations.

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Deborah Headshot

Deborah Anthony

Deborah is a three-time author and has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Deborah has helped hundreds of business owners build their personal brands and deliver results as a Brand Strategists and Business Consultant.

Deborah is a proud graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Operations. She then matriculated through St. Xavier School of Management, obtaining her MBA. Today, Deborah together with her educational and corporate business backgrounds, has allowed her to be prepared for the unique challenge of corporate training.

She provides strategic custom-designed consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe. Committed to implementing successful business coaching to startups and corporate businesses.

Deborah is dedicated to helping her clients become leaders and thrive in the marketplace.

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Al - Stage Shot copy

Al Ruttan

Al Ruttan is a John Maxwell Team Executive Director, Coach, Teacher and Speaker who works with businesses of all sizes, from CEO’s to front-line managers and their teams. Using tried and proven methods (one-on-one or group coaching, lunch in learns, and key note speeches), he helps people like you to raise your level of productivity, to help teams work more cohesively together, to resolve conflict in the workplace, and to help people reach their full potential. Al is also certified in the DISC Model of Human Behaviour from Personality Insights.
Al has over 25 years of retail management and sales experience. This includes, but is not limited to, successfully leading teams of up to 200 people in retail stores with 27 million + dollars in sales.

Outside of his passion for coaching and leadership development, Al is a father of two incredible boys – Jonah (22) and Jerod (20) and has been married to his amazing wife, Marge for 26 years. Al is passionate about family, reading and self development. He finds great satisfaction in helping others reach their fullest potential and discover their dreams, goals, and desires with the intent to help turn them into reality.

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Tuan Headshot

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen is a Leadership Branding Coach that has been on many stages. He is the co-founder of M21 Empowerment and a certified speaker, coach and trainer for the John Maxwell Team. He speaks and coaches in the areas of leadership, communication and growth mindsets. His program helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs increase their visibility in the marketplace through strategic branding and social media strategies. His story from prison to purpose has captivated many audiences and will inspire you to invest in your leadership.

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Tessa Kampen

Tessa is a John Maxwell Trainer, speaker and coach inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs to think bigger and reach for their potential. After spending 8 years working solely with female entrepreneurs, empowering them to grow their business, Tessa developed a passion for leadership and personal growth which led her to become certified with The John Maxwell Team.

With her years of experience teaching and leading others in business, Tessa helps teams, organizations, and individuals improve their leadership, communication, and growth to equip them to outlast their competition.

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October 7th, 2020

6:30 pm - Exhibits Open and Mystery Speed Networking Begins!

7:00 pm - Conference Kick Off with Tessa Kampen

7:45 pm - Exhibits and Mystery Speed Networking

October 8th, 2020

9:00 am - Expo Opens & Mystery Speed Networking

9:10 am - Day 2 Kick Off with Tessa Kampen

9:30 am - Tuan Nguyen Main Stage

10:25 am - In Session

Persevere Through the Challenges - Rhonda Fairweather

The Success Equation - Lorna Weston-Smyth

11:20 am - Niche and Pitch with Kay and Shi

12:05-12:35 pm - Break

12:35 pm - You Are Perfect with Al Ruttan

1:25 pm - In Session

Strong Brand - Strong Conversion - Deborah Anthony

Breaking THROUGH My Fears - Karen Fasulo

2:15 pm - 3 Keys to Growing in Any Area of Your Life with Chris Robinson

Networking and Exhibits open all day!


Serve to Sell Workshop

Introductory Rate - Expired January 2nd


Second Round March 2022