Leadership Development and Communication Training for Teams and Organizations

DISCover Your Strengths

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results?

DISCover Your Strengths & Utilize Your Power

Using the DISC Model of Human Behavior, this highly interactive session is designed to help you and your team discover strengths and your greatest motivations to dramatically improve relationships and accelerate your results.

DISCover The 4 Buying and Selling Styles

Ever wonder why you lost that customer? What if had nothing to do with what you said, but more about how you said it. In this highly interactive session, you and your team will discover the 4 selling behaviors and the 4 buying styles to help you improve your results.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership is influence. What type of leadership culture does your organization have?

The Leadership Game

Don’t allow the word “game” to fool you. This is one of the most requested leadership programs that only a John Maxwell Coach can deliver. This game is designed to give you insight into your teams strengths, areas of improvement and your leadership culture.