Is something missing?

Life is lived in seasons. Sometimes we are in the season of growing and other times we are in for a season of sowing. But what happens when we discover that our life does not seem to have room for what we really want? That is when we need to pause and discover what is really important and build from there.

Assembling your life’s puzzle starts with your priorities.

Recently I took some time to discover what mattered most to me and how I wanted to show up. It was a difficult process but it is one I do often in order to live a fulfilled life. If I want to make any changes in my life, I realize that I must be aware of what needs to change and then I must accept that I’ll have to change.

Prioritizing your life starts with knowing yourself, what is most important and then making that a priority in your life. For me, that means being with those I love and doing what I love without sacrificing one for the other. I am amazed at how many people openly share how discontent they are with their work and life. I would rather take a risk and do something I love than be trapped in a job I hate. So my question to them is always, what would you like to do?

There is a direct connection between finding your passion and reaching your potential.

John C Maxwell

Starting with that question of what you want to do will lead you to other discoveries such as: can you do it, why would you like to do it, who do you know that already does it and when can you start doing it. These may not be easy to answer, but they are questions that must be explored.

When I do this exercise, I like to picture myself doing that thing and what it would feel like and look like. I try to imagine myself in the role I want to be leading and I see myself doing that thing. Aligning with that feeling allows me to see just how capable I am of creating that picture for my life.

If you really want to live a life of significance and one that aligns with your priorities, start with being aware of what matters most in your life. Then discover how you can take action towards living that life. There may be some growth in the next season in order for you to live out those dreams, but as long as your priorities are front and center, the transition will be worth what it takes to get there.

People say there are two great days in a person’s life: the day you were born and the day you discover why.

John C Maxwell

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